Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Choppy words in a sloppy flow"*

We had a little cookout and backyard fire over Labor Day weekend. My refrigerator is now kind of famous at these little shindigs because of the magnetic poetry kit.

(So this picture isn't really from my backyard (you think!). That's way more fires and way more people than would fit on my .2 acres. It's from a recent trip to the WaterFire Providence.)

The party-goers were in rare form, and there was one line of poetry I'm not going to include in full...just to give you an idea of its flavor, the poet put the tiles "an" and "al" together and it also contained the tiles "long," "green," "pickle," and "spurt" (somehow it always turn dirty...that's what she said!).

  • i am an old bald devil dog who has a free soul and love s to eat (nice to see the old bald devil dog is enjoying life)

  • speak wrong mind but think from heart (ahhh...very wise, grasshopper)

  • pour some wine and soon you must table dance as hot as a random spider genius (the "a" tile is actually "at" with the t covered...I have such clever--and demented/drunk--guests)

  • if i vacuum a precious monkey chicken it will release a black bosom tremendous ly naked (well, you better not vacuum the precious monkey chicken then)

  • sweet night whisper e d her light poet r y to my howl ing brain (I hope the night's poetry was better than the magnetic poetry...really, I kid because I do love it when people make poetry on my refrigerator)

Thanks to all who created a little fun on the fridge!