Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Yes we're going to a party party"*

The party-goers have been at it once again! They were at my house celebrating a certain occasion (I'll never tell what, but there are some not-so-subtle clues in this post and the actual date of the cause of celebration is July 12th) when they decided to have some fun with the magnetic poetry kit.

Here's what the fearless poets came up with this time:

  • manipulate explore and burn (possible instructions for covering up crime?...maybe my brain went there because The Godfather is on)
  • puppet confess rhythm howl work too girl pour a s (my little nephew, who turned four earlier this month, came up with this has a certain rhythm to it all right)
  • silent voice time (we could all use a little of this)
  • prostitute s love to create pleasure for naked obedient expose d chicken monkey s (it wouldn't be magnetic poetry without the good ol' prostitute and her crazy exploits with the exposed chicken monkey)
  • investigate who vacuum es up beauty (grammar issues aside--it seems all the S's were already being used--i suspect this somehow involves the crimes committed by the first poet)
  • suck sex (c'mon, you know what comes next...say it with me, "That's what she said!")
  • why dance funny like the strange spider with the precious old pickle (why, indeed)
  • imagine every dream be ing sweet (my personal favorite, probably because my dreams tend to be anything but sweet)
Thanks to all who participated in writing this wonderful poetry. I always enjoy sharing your creative creations.

*The Beatles