Monday, April 5, 2010

"Express Yourself"*

The party-goers have been expressing their creativity again with the magnetic poetry kit. This is how my guests showed their joy at celebrating my mom's birthday (as always imaginative use of tiles has been preserved as much as possible).

  • imagine beauty which always sucks (the last "s" in sucks was actually part of the word "is," but this clever--and possibly depressed--person covered the "i" with the word "suck")
  • my perfect genius monkey boy will make me drown in his sweet brain music (yeah, well my perfect genius monkey boy will kick your perfect genius monkey boy's butt...ha!)
  • never investigate our skeleton in the attic (what, you keep yours in the closet?)
  • spur cold tree old do nut this but we did an obedient whisper (doesn't make much sense, but good use of internal rhyme)
  • they expose d my precious bald dictionary to release another inspiration spurt (it's just all too shocking!)
  • give him the sex y ache ing ghost bosom (maybe this guy should hook up with the skeleton in the attic)
  • use manacle s for transgress ion s by a mean electric spider puppet (that's sound advice if I've ever hear any)
  • ity see lime free off as out right est er un & ness & and i work and mouth black do so ly at at (I think my four-year-old niece put this one least I hope it wasn't written by someone who actually knows how to read all those words)
  • a girl has the voice too break every man (too ;) true)
  • must explore pleasure curse (I'll get on that right away)
  • bleed translucent famous dog bone love (hopefully not all over my kitchen floor)
  • drink down tremendous dead desire spark s then come holy silent night (I've heard that is the original title to "Silent Night" but over time the beginning got cut off)
  • devil wine manipulate vision (oh, so that's why I was seeing double the whole night)
  • her shadow soul howl e d as it was compel ed to pour from he r body like a naked chicken rhythm dance ing (I don't know about you, but my soul always howls when it pours from my body like a naked chicken rhythm dancing)
  • experience elaborate prostitute between vacuum (the elaborate prostitute rears her ugly head again)
  • e y r l fire of she I are why yes (maybe another one from my niece, but profound in its own way)

It was a record number of sayings on the refrigerator! Thanks to all participants. Feel free to take credit for your work in the comment section.

*Charles Wright