Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Put all your so-called problems, better put them in quotations"*

My friends like to share their own unique brand of problems by writing them on my refrigerator. You may remember the last time I shared their magnetic poetry. I have to say, I found their thoughts a bit disturbing.

I'm glad my friends consider my home (or at least my fridge) as safe place for expressing themselves. Here's the latest entries:

  • This old dog said you like vacuum prostitutes. (Do I want to know what else you like? Probably not!)
  • Suck my obedient bosom fire. (That's what she said!)
  • Sour pickle mouth takes head. ( comment)
  • Always imagine pleasure and beauty fighting devil spurts. (My personal favorite because it really makes you think.)

Last post I discussed some very small (in the literal sense) things that might actually turn out to be very big (metaphorically). Next post I'll take a look at something very big indeed!

*John Mayer