Monday, July 14, 2008

"Talk Dirty to Me"*

The magnetic poetry kit was a big hit at the party I hosted this weekend. Apparently the lack of punctuation didn't bother my intoxicated friends. Alas there was no "pleasure pickle," but both words did make an appearance. Just a quick disclaimer: These quotes get a bit graphic, so anyone with a sensitive stomach--or with any sensibilities at all--may want to refrain from reading further! I kept the space between magnets even when they made one word because some of the combinations are particularly creative.

If you are brave enough to persevere:

"bleed that perfect thought puppet" (ummm...eww, I think?)

"manipulate a precious chicken beneath old skeleton" (double eww)

"sweet steam y fire y sex" (sounds good to me--as long as it's in the figurative sense)

"dance with green angel" (oddly sweet, although it did kind of remind of me Slimer from Ghostbusters)

"my love life is curse d" (so sad, but given the other phrases not terribly surprising)

"obedient famous people suck money" (what about those disobedient famous people?)

"play & drink but never sleep" (an apt description of my party!)

"imagine me between random girl s spurt ing" (hopefully the random girls are of age)

"I desire a hot naked good bald woman to come on" (who doesn't?)

"she always eat s my pleasure monkey then howl s" (that's just like her, isn't it?)

"expose tremendous bosom & ache ing pickle" (oh, if only I had a tremendous bosom)

"explore another man bone in he r mouth" (really, no thanks...I'm all set)

I did leave out one that used the word "prostitute" because I felt it might be too offensive (I know, it must've been pretty bad given what I did include!). Oh, and I swear I didn't make any of these up myself...this is really what is on my refrigerator right now. I'll have to remember to rearrange the magnets before my nine-year-old nephew comes over!