Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"The decibels of this disenchanting discourse"*

Seeing as I'm a nerdy writer-type, I find discussions about grammar and language fascinating. The really cool thing about these discussions are that they are so often humorous. I know, you're thinking, Grammar and language, humorous. No way! But really, just go with me on this (I have amusing examples to back me up).

Take this video about English:

If you didn't laugh at this, well, I suspect you may lack a pulse. It reminded me of a particular discussion I once had with my brother and hubby about superlatives, in particular the word "dumber." (And, for the record, my brother and hubby are not dumber than I (or is it me?) because I am not dumb at all!)

Another hilarious blog post about the Alot is over at Hyperbole and a Half. And check out agent Kristin Nelson sharing funny church-bulletin bloopers at Pub Rants.

My personal stance on the English language errs on the side of tradition (except on this blog because I prefer a more conversational tone here, like it's just you and me, sitting on the hammock on a warm summer day, chatting it up about...well, as my blog description says...whatever), but I'm always open to new interpretations of words, grammar, and style.

That's why language is so exciting: It's always evolving, morphing, and adapting to suit current needs. And that means there's always room for more debate!