Friday, April 16, 2010

"It's too far away for me to hold, it's too far away...guess I'll let it go"*

Today marks the eighth anniversary of my sister Kylene's death. This was the day the world stopped spinning and turned in a whole new direction. It was also the day I became a writer (even though I wouldn't realize this for two more years). I may be able to hack it at writing stories, but Kylene was the true poet of the family. Here is one of her poems.

Today I learned about the Math
about the Science
Today I missed out on the life lesson
24 hrs. slipped by
I got an A
I passed the Test
I lied

Days go by, I work, I play
Months go by I give I take
Years go by I live I die
Life's a circle
Life's a cycle
Life's a motion

What's tomorrow
But another day
A new life?
A Fresh Start?
New Hope?
Clean Slate?
Tomorrow's but today
Just another day

~Kylene Laraine Carroll