Friday, June 24, 2011

“Somebody help me breathe”*

“Take it to breath” is something my yoga (one of the few sanctioned exercises for pregnant ladies!) instructor says during her classes. Now admittedly, yoga can be a little touchy-feely at times, but this phrase has resonated with me lately.

I interpret “take it to breath” to be a sort of mantra you can use when feeling stressed. For those things you don’t have control over or the things that stress you that can’t be changed, stop worrying about it, and “take it breath.” Breathe in and understand that this thing is stressing you out but there’s nothing you can do about it; breathe out and let it go.

Not that I really believe that you can just breathe away all your stresses, but I think having a way to identify the source of the stress and trying to rid your mind of it is helpful. And beyond visualizing this happening to have an action to go along with it (if you can even call breathing an action) solidifies the technique.

So to all my stress sources (worrying about being healthy for The Boy, getting ready for The Boy’s arrival, my hubby’s health and well-being, work, frustration over my writing, and all the million other little things that pile up over the course of days, weeks, and months), I am taking a deep breath in and now I am exhaling you all out Big Bad Wolf style (I don’t even think the third pig’s brick house would stand a chance with me!).

If that doesn’t work, surely a weekend away with the girls in Newport, RI should help. What do you do to relieve the stress?