Monday, June 13, 2011

"Plant your hope with good seeds"*

The hubby and I tried kale for the first time today. It was scary not only because I was trying something new (I've never been an adventurous foodie) but also because I also had to clean and cook it myself. Turns out, kale is actually pretty good. I think we may even eat it again.

A bunch of it came in our first farm share basket of the year. We signed up for the farm share in part to support our local farm, in part to have access to fresh veggies every Friday without having to go to the grocery store, and in part to try new healthy things.

I love this time of year for all the fresh produce that is available...I'm talking hyper-local produce, like the kind you can pick yourself and enjoy right in the field (I'm looking forward to the fresh strawberries I'll be picking this weekend at another local farm).

I even have my own veggie garden, which is not nearly as big as my father's, but it works for the hubby and I. This year I'm growing peas (I picked the first ones today and added them to the salad we had with dinner), bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, and probably green beans.

It's not that I'm a super healthy, granola-eating, tree-hugging person. I do care about the environment and try to make an effort to be green, but I really like the way fresh food tastes. And I've been trying to subscribe to the idea that when you put good things in (whether that be into your body or mind), good things come out (and yes, I see the obvious poop reference here, but that's not what I'm talking about).

So I'm working on putting good thoughts into my writing, and hopefully getting good writing out of it. And putting good food into my body, and hopefully getting good energy out of it. And putting good green vibes out to the earth, and hopefully making the world a little better place in which to live. Okay, now I am starting to sound a little granolaey.

What do you put in and hope to get out of it?

*Mumford & Sons