Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Isn't that random?"*

I've had lots of disparate thoughts going through my brain lately and it seems this post is a reflection of that.

First off, astrologists recently found a giant quasar that appears to be not only the brightest object ever found, but also the most distant and earliest quasar ever detected. Quasars are of particular interest to me because they are found the center of young galaxies and surround black holes (you all should know by now how much black holes fascinate me). Who doesn't want to learn more about a super-bright object that is massively powerful and full of energy?

On an artistic discoveries, check out this cartoon called "Born Like an Artist." I wonder what the anthropomorphic personification of my artistic soul looks like? I'm not sure it would be an animal. I think it might be something more abstract...maybe some kind of squiggle or a bouncy, round face.

And to combine two of my intellectual loves, here's a periodic table of storytelling. A couple of "elements" that caught my eye are Jhg, 1wa, Mpb, and Gtb.

Over at Diversity in YA Fiction, the authors are challenging readers to diversity their reading choices. Publicly post an essay about your diverse reading experience and you have a chance at winning "a giant collections of fabulous MG and YA books."

Finally, a third love of mine (soccer) is being showcased on a worldwide stage this summer. The FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 earlier this week. I was pleased to see that the women's games are getting just as much TV coverage as the men did last summer.

Where have your thoughts been taking you lately?