Monday, November 22, 2010

"Happy birthday, beautiful"*

I've had birthdays on the mind lately (not my b-day...I'm a summer baby). My grandma celebrated her 75th b-day two weekends ago and the hubby's b-day is today. My family, like most others, has our own particular traditions. The hubby was born on Turkey Day, so always gets the Carvel turkey cake.

Another tradition is that we sing in an unique way, which means we sing very poorly. My family takes a similar approach as the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry do when they sing their school song, i.e. we each sing to our own tune. I like to sing slowly in an ear-piercing pitch and an off-key falsetto.

Thanks to the infamous Mr. Anonymous for this great footage from my grandma's party. This isn't even that bad because we were in mixed company (not just family), so some of the guests are actually not trying to be awful. You may be able to catch a bit of my singing right at the end (I really like to hit a high note for the last "TO YOU!!!").

A few years ago for my niece's b-day, our singing was so terrible that she actually started to cry. Yup, we are that bad. I guess we take the approach that if you're going to be bad at something, you may as well embrace it and be the absolute worst you can be.

*The Innocence Mission