Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"I see hate and I see love when the world's on a string"*

While I was originally—as an eight-year-old—attracted to the bright colors and shiny finish of the Snow Village, I find—as an adult—there is another appeal to having it: control. I have all the power in my village. I decide where all the buildings go, where the people go...I'm in charge of everything. Bwahaha!!! (That's evil laughter in case you couldn't tell!)

This doesn't really surprise me. As a kid, I used to play with the vintage Fisher Price Little People. Remember how the people had no hands or legs. We had a school, a castle, houses, a barn, cars, all kinds of things. (By the way, my mom still has all these toys, and looking over these pictures and prices, I think she could make a bundle selling them!) I always loved setting them up and figuring out all the backgrounds for all the people, and then once that was over, I would hardly play with them. The fun was in the back story, and it was all mine to control.

I get that same sense of power from setting up my Snow Village. When all else in the world is out of whack, I have my quiet, peaceful, twinkling village. It's as beautiful and perfect as I want it to be. So, here's some pictures and commentary on this year's Village.

I decided that this year the Tudor-style log cabin is my home. I imagine it's next to a big snow mountain, but within walking distance to the center of town. (That is the Town Hall behind it.)

That's me in the wagon...the little blond girl holding the present. In previous years I have lived in the lighthouse (it's kind of small living quarters, though).

That's my nine-year-old nephew and his dog, Cashew. (My nephew gave me that piece.) He's in front of the Center for the Arts because he has my sense of creativity.

The clown always goes near the case there's any sick kids stuck there for the holidays. Notice the Library and Church in the background. Also, that's my dad (sorry I cut him off a bit) leading his horse, Beau.

My brother decided he wanted to be the kid in the party hat (he thought the kid was a wizard). It's more likely that my brother is actually the kid throwing the snowball! The lady with the balloons reminded me of my grandmother (and she is the one who started this whole Village, so I guess she should be in it!)

I decided that my husband is the delivery man this year. We met at Harrison's Hardware when we were in high school and the Gift Shop reminds me of that. (He wanted to be the fireman, but my brother-in-law is a fireman in real life, so he got that designation this year...maybe next year the hubby can be the fireman.) I love how the proportions of the people are way off compared to the buildings, doors, and vehicles.

This picture came out kind of psychedelic, which I thought was cool...and below is what this part of the Village (there's more than just this table!) looks like in the dark.

All those who stop by the house while my Village is still up are welcome and encouraged to find themselves in it.

*Our Lady Peace