Monday, February 15, 2010

"Let me crash upon your shore"*

Today the hubby and I were sitting on a bench at the beach (the same beach at which I did my listening exercise). We had just stood up to continue our walk when a woman hopped out of her running vehicle and said, "Excuse me." I had my hood on, so I didn't even hear her, but the hubby did. We stopped and she said, "I'm looking for Anchor Beach."

I gestured to the beach and around the corner and said, "I believe this whole stretch is Anchor Beach." (Apparently she didn't believe me because as soon as we turned the corner, we saw her asking someone else!)

It seemed weird that she was looking for a specific beach in the middle of winter, but we soon found out the real reason she was there. We rounded another corner and a news truck and a bunch of people were milling around. Cones and police tape had been set up and signs were posted.

At first I couldn't figure out why all those people were there. I turned to my husband and quietly asked, "Do you see anything?" Just as I asked, I realized the rock I was looking at wasn't just a rock. A baby seal was laying on it. He was so well camouflaged that he was hard to see. Can you see him lying there on the rock? (Scroll down to the bottom of the post for a hint.)

At first he looked dead, but as we watched and listened we found out that he was just basking in the sun and wasn't hurt or anything. He was young but old enough to be out on his own. Our little visitor made the local news! Here he is.

I was so happy to have this little surprise spotting today that I did my own banana pose! (Okay, here he is one more time...this time I've circled him!)