Monday, February 8, 2010

"Time to be a ghost"*

Let's start with a bit of a digression: links to three contests. One is to win R.J. Anderson's book Knife over at Cindy Pon's blog. A second contest is a book giveaway at the Class of 2k10 blog. The last is for a MG/YA agent contest over at Guide to Literary Agents. And now back to our regularly scheduled post!

The other night the hubby yelled to me from the living room, "You've gotta come see this!" I had just gotten out of the shower and was still in my towel, but it sounded urgent, so I dutifully obeyed. He pointed at the TV and asked, "Do you recognize this place?"

Without hesitation I said, "It's where we got married." I was thinking that it was pretty cool that the Nutmeg Restaurant was on TV...that is until I realized that it was being featured on an A&E show called Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. Then I started thinking Okay, that's kind of freaky.

Check out this video to see the episode of Psychic Kids (you might notice the above chandelier in it). The restaurant doesn't come in until the 9:28 mark, and the 11:22 mark is when things really start to get scary. The "loft" is where the girl says she feels a ghostly presence and that was where my bridesmaids and I got dressed before the wedding.

When I thought about it, I remembered we did have a bit of a ghostly experience in the loft. We tried to open the window and all of a sudden it fell out of the track. By all laws of physics, the window should've gone crashing to the ground, but it didn't. Something caught it and it teetered there, jutting out a weird angle. Here's one of the guys from the restaurant trying to put the window back in place.

Come to think of it, my whole wedding seemed kind of cursed. We had originally booked a boat on the Connecticut River, but six months before the date, I got a piece of certified mail with the deposit check (at least I got my money back) and note that said the docking site had been bought out and we'd have to find a new place to have our wedding. That was no easy task, considering we had already booked the D.J. and photographer and couldn't really change the date. (In wedding time, six months is like two days!)

Luckily the Nutmeg Restaurant was available, so we booked it right up. Then a few days before the date we found out the wedding planner there was "let go." That meant the main person we had been working with to plan our entire wedding was not going to be working there on the wedding day. It also poured for 13 (gotta love lucky 13) straight days leading up to the wedding. It poured so hard that the hotel we stayed at the night before had massive leaking. And that was just the big things, never mind the million little snafus that happened.

Oh, and I just remembered that my sister accidentally left her dress in the loft after the wedding. The hubby and I went back the next day to try and find dress and to pick up a few other things that had been forgotten. The dress was no where to be seen! (There was a wedding after ours, and it's possible someone from that wedding took it, but now that I know about the ghost, I'm blaming it on him.)

Turns out the actual wedding was awesome. The ceremony was personal (and brief), the food was delicious, and the dance floor was packed most of the day. The sun even came out in the afternoon. I guess it wasn't so bad having a haunted wedding site.

*Tori Amos