Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Promised Announcement

Astute readers, you may remember at the beginning of last month I mentioned I had a big announcement. The time has come to tell you I have another book besides Elixir Bound coming out soon (not sure of the release date yet, but maybe even before Elixir). And guess what? It's a picture book!

"A picture book?" you say. "But, Katie, you've never mentioned anything about a picture book. I thought you only wrote novels."

Well, you thought wrong. My picture book The Bedtime Knight is coming out through MeeGenius! as a picture book app. The illustrations are being worked on right now (okay, maybe not this second, but the text is finalized and with the illustrator right now).

It's going to be an exciting summer. I've got a certain milestone birthday next month. The Boy will be turning one. And, of course, Elixir Bound (and now maybe The Bedtime Knight) will be out in the big, wide world.

Oh, I almost forgot...I've been hard at work on a new website, which I hope to be lauching very soon. That means the Observation Desk will be making a cyber-move from Blogger to Wordpress. No worries, I'm taking you all with me!