Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Guess whose upcoming e-book has a page on her publisher's website? (Duh, it's me.) Check out the back copy for Elixir Bound and my author bio on the MuseItUp site. I was a little surprised to see it labeled as Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy (the paranormal part is what surprised me). Although Elixir Bound is definitely more fantasy than paranormal, I think it's smart marketing to include the paranormal label.

I'm playing the waiting game with Elixir Bound right now. Waiting to hear from my line editor, waiting to find out about my cover art, waiting until I have some time to figure out how the heck to market this thing! I'm also waiting for a certain someone to fulfill his quest to find an important prop for the book trailer.

In the meantime, I've been squeezing out a few minutes of writing time to work on Black Butterfly (did you correctly guess the color and animal?). I also got a fantastic critique of Pirate Island (my middle grade adventure story) at the Poconos conference and have a whole new direction for revisions.

Next week I'm featuring Meradeth Houston author of YA paranormal Colors Like Memories on the blog. Here's a book trailer to whet your appetite.