Saturday, February 18, 2012

Magnificent Magnetic Poetry

The poetry has been building up on my fridge. And the poets have really outdone themselves with this round of magnetic verse. Here's the latest musings:

  • squirrel breeze                                 
  •         dream freeze                      
                     conscious can                 
                             gray man  (nice rhyming scheme and use of spacing here...I have no idea what it all means, but I sometimes wonder if that's not the hallmark of good not understanding it!)
  • the devil relax ed with a cold drink after a long night of trick er y  (I wonder what the devil's drink of choice is...wouldn't it be funny if it was an appletini?)
  • explore a prostitute s body with random electric fruit s  (yikes!)
  • howl that beautiful morning torso noise  (this person must have had beans the night before)
  • dream s create inspiration between cold shadow s and silent thought s  (I wish my dreams did this...mostly they leave me feeling a bit puzzled)
  • live for more than a memory  (very deep, very wise)
  • spark muse speak music green woman green woman  (the use of repetition here indicates the author has a great understanding of literary techniques...or an unhealthy obsession with the Green Giant's girlfriend!)
  • imagine a friend and she will come a live  (kind of cool, but also kind of scary)
  • emotion s bleed the heart     wrench the mind    expose our soul     and leave us naked  (my favorite of the bunch, no explanation needed!)
The Hubby came up with the idea of hiding some of the overused words. "Prostitute," "Pickle," "Explore," "Naked," "Skeleton" come to mind (and pretty much anything else that can be manipulated into a dirty phrase). Although as we can see from the above lines, those words still offer thought-provoking options. "Prostitute" still should go...not much you can do with that word that isn't dirty!