Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Sometimes your words just hypnotize me"*

The magnetic poetry writers were at it again. Some of the old favorites showed up (I'm looking at you "pleasure puppet"), but this was some of the best poetry ever to be displayed on my refrigerator.

  • walk like a skeleton look like a gentle little girl (possibly good advice for a skeleton, but sounds a little threatening to little girls)

  • squirrel play spark s emotion (as long as the squirrels aren't eating anything out of my veggie garden, their play is okay with me)

  • please expose the fruit (that's what she said!)

  • explore you r mind and dream sweet vision s as you drown in the puddle of my soul (I'd say that's one deep soul we're talking about here, but I've heard a person can drown in less than an inch of water, so maybe this soul isn't so deep after all)

  • he ly no or (I'm not sure these magnets were put together with any specific purpose in mind, but any form of expression--intentional or not--gets included...for better or for worse)

  • feel that hard monkey s pleasure puppet give tremendous naked sex (the monkey and the pleasure puppet are always up to no good)

  • essential bosom compel always (the question here is what does the essential bosom compel one to do)

  • make another memory to warm the cold night s of no moon and dark shadow s (nothing like anticipating the need to stave off a depressing night)

  • dead experience (quite the intriguing oxymoron)

  • take only truth make only love (I think I saved the best for last)

Once again, thanks to everyone who chose to expose the fruit of their creativity on my refrigerator. Your musing never fail to entertain me.

*Notorious B.I.G.