Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Everybody ends up here in bottles, but the name tag's the last thing you wanted"*

Another year has passed since I last marked the anniversary of my sister's death. Recently I was feeling very lonely and I couldn't quite figure out why. I have a lot of people in my life who love and care about me, but there was an emptiness inside of me that wouldn't go away.

Then I realized I missed my little sister. I wanted to talk with her, but she wasn't there to answer back. And, no matter how many friends or loves I have in my life, no one on this earth will ever be the sister or the friend she was to me.

Kylene was only here for 16 years, but she filled those years with so much life. She wrote the poem below, and though the sentiment is beautifully written, I don't think it is a true reflection of who she was. She may never have graduated high school, gotten married, or had any children, but there wasn't a wasted moment of her life here on earth.

Wasting my time
Killing my time
living this life like I should
Not like I could

I learned from a book
I learned from a teacher
but what about life
What about the Experience

I'm sitting inside
going through the motions
While life turns outside
passing me by

Tomorrow's but today
Just like any other day
I throw my life away
It slips down the drain

~Kylene Laraine Carroll

*Our Lady Peace