Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"By the Light of the Silvery Moon"*

As I drove home from work yesterday, it was already pretty dark (it's such a bummer how early it gets dark this time of year) and my eyes were drawn to the sky. Against the slate-colored December sky was the brilliant light of an almost full moon. This was not the first time I had the pleasure of such a sight.

Later in the evening, I walked into my bedroom to find the bed blanketed in the silver moonlight. And last night, my hubby thought he was going to have to run in the dark, but the moon lit the way for him. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do anything by the light of the silvery (and full) moon tonight; it's raining.

I was playing with settings on my camera when I took this picture and somehow the moon came out with a weird double image. The detail on the leaves is pretty cool, though. This full moon occurred in October 2008. That full moon brought out the weirder side of people. I haven't noticed much oddness yet today, but there's more than an hour left in the day...plenty of time for erratic behavior.

Since it's only the second day of the month, I started to wonder if there was going to be another full moon this month, also known as a blue moon (which is also a popular beer!). Turns out the second full moon this month just happens to fall on the 31st, which means we'll all be bringing in the New Year with a blue moon (too bad we won't be bringing in the New Year with a New Moon).

I also learned an interesting tidbit about blue moons: there's actually two different kinds of blue moons (and neither of them have to do with painting your butt). There's the one that is occurring this month, which is two full moons in a single month, the second of which is called a blue moon. This is actually fairly rare—hence the term "once in a blue moon"—and the next one doesn't occur until August 2012.

There's also the Farmer's Almanac definition of a blue moon, which is technically a true blue moon. This occurs when there are four, instead of the more common three, full moons in a single season. Instead of calling the final full moon of the season the blue moon, the third full moon is the blue moon. This is also fairly rare. There will be this kind of blue moon in November 2010 and then again in August 2013.

Okay, how many times can I write the word "moon" in a single post? Everything in excess I always say. Happy full moon!

*Edward Madden