Monday, May 18, 2009

"Pretty Handsome Awkward"*

Highlights from my first day in Baltimore include catching up with my sister, watching my nephew (the 9-year-old) chase after cars that potentially held Yankee players, getting a ball signed by Andy Pettitte, seeing A-Rod whack a home run off the first ball pitched to him in 2009, and listening to a couple of old ladies chatter away while paying very little attention to the baseball game.

So these ladies were at the game with their husbands. I'm not sure if they had ever been to a baseball game, but they did have some astute observations. For one, they noticed that some of the K's that were posted on the scoreboard were forwards and some were backwards. They didn't know what the K's meant (one of their husbands explained that a K was posted for each strikeout the home team's picture recorded), but they thought it was nice that some were backwards so the scoreboard didn't ever show three forward K's.

(Not that I disagreed about it being nice that there was never three forward K's in a row, but that's not the real reason why some of the K's were backwards. A forward K indicates the batter struck out swinging, and a backward K indicates the batter struck out looking.)

They also noticed how cute some of the baseball players are (hello, Derek Jeter!!!). No arguments there. At one point they asked me if my nephew was my brother, which my nephew found pretty hilarious. I wanted to say to them, "Didn't you notice my nephew calling my sister 'Mom'? If I was his sister that would make her my mom as well...not really feasible!"

Then towards the end of the game, they called my husband "the best looking fella" in the stadium, and they also said that they "may be old, but they can still look." My nephew again found all of this pretty hilarious, so the ladies turned their attention to him. "But you'll give him a run for his money in a few years. You have beautiful eyes."

I guess it's not so bad having the same taste in men as a couple of old ladies. They've seen a lot, so they probably have good taste, right? (Let's hope so for my husband's sake.)

*The Used